Pizza, burgers, seafood… From snacks to fine dining, whatever your heart desires we cook with love and passion using only fresh local ingredients…
We put mmm! into summer… At Help Beach Lounge, each second of summer will last you a lifetime of memories!
Wherever you think the homeland of pizza is, we believe taste comes down to the quality of the ingredients. That's why our deep dish Chicago pizzas with local ingredients is the toast of the town at Ölüdeniz!
Whether it's 2019, 2009 or 1999 we party like there's no tomorrow here at Help Beach! Join the fun at the biggest party spot in Fethiye!
It can get pretty Hot in Herre, so you need something special to quench your thirst! From fresh fruit juice to smoothies to crafted cocktails, we've got the best drinks and cocktails menu!
How's it sound to fly over 1,000 meters over Ölüdeniz's stunning vistas before landing in front of Help Beach Lounge and being rewarded with the perfect drink? Not bad... not bad at all!